In a complex world we need to rely on experts who have the time, knowledge and experience to explain what is otherwise beyond our ken. The challenge is to find experts who have no personal stake in the issue, who have no reason to slant the message. In a word, who are willing to be honest. There is no field more in need of honesty than environmentalism.

After more than forty years speaking truth to power as an environmental scientist and attorney, and all those years of first hand, front row viewing of the spin machine (left-handed and right-handed versions), our current political debates over the environment demands something more than just being a spectator.

Whether as a speaker or blogger, I’m committed to honest views and presentations. This site, and in my speaking engagements, that’s the goal. Honesty isn’t always pretty, but it leads to better policy and understanding. And a small bit of humor doesn’t hurt either.

Welcome to the scrum.